logo quiz 2017 APK 3.73.6z By BambooGames

Guess the logos of the most famous brands, the ones you see every day on television, walking in the street, on magazines, in front of shopping centers … EVERYWHEREWill you be able to reach the final level? Thanks to “Logo Quiz 2018” you will discover how many symbols of different brands and their products youLeer más

Fruit cut Classic Slice APK 1.3 By Lokxtech

Fruit cut Classic Slice is a new Arcade game in which you slice fruits,fruit cut slice crush cutting is a juicy game. Fruit cut Classic Slice is a juicy arcade fuit cut slice free game,Enjoy more sweet and delicious game. So if you’re looking for some fast,juicy arcade action, this is the game for you.Leer más

Farm Day:Cook with Friends APK 1.00.21

🚀🚀Farm Day is new blast casual game for free with 300 LEVELS play as much as you want!🚀🚀 ❤️❤️Dream of collecting… not jewels, but recipes for the tastiest,don’t you?❤️❤️ let’s blast adjacent cubes of the same to collect all kind of Ingredients in the farm with the animal. Travel with the animal and learn toLeer más

Эрудит APK 0.4.4c By AK Games

Знакомая всем с детства, увлекательнейшая игра “Эрудит” (Scrabble в английском варианте). Можно играть одному, с друзьями оффлайн, с друзьями онлайн, со случайными соперниками, рейтинговые игры. Система рейтинга – аналог Elo в шахматах. Словарь постоянно исправляется и пополняется. Если Вас что то не устраивает в словаре – пожалуйста напишите мне на почту oxothuk76@gmail.com, мы внесем изменения.Leer más

Helicopter Attack APK 1.2

You are a soldier on the side line protecting an army truck on the road which is being followed by enemy soldiers in jeeps, armored vehicles and other military vehicles firing at your truck. Use your big arsenal of weapons to protect your supply truck from the enemy forces. You have a variety of gunsLeer más